1. CBD bath bombs are the bomb! I've had trouble sleeping for years so I'm glad I came across these before actually taking a trip to the doctor. I take a soak for at least a good 30 minutes an hour before bed time and it works magic all the time. The aromatherapy is amazing too. There's nothing like it! I get mine from https://getcbdinfusion.com/product/cbd-shower-bath-bomb/ – I don't understand how anyone can be against CBD products when it's dramatically improving people's lives. I can鈥檛 imagine going back to life without it.

  2. I thought this was for women only, boy was I wrong…

    I workout about 3-4 times a week and get pretty sore and achy. I tried smoking CBD but it made me cough too much, I ate some CBD gummies but it did nothing. I was about to give up until I tried one of these bath bombs. It鈥檚 so relaxing I almost fell asleep in the tub. Also the CBD oil works great too. Combine them and you鈥檒l be off in dreamland…

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