1. First time eating edibles, and first time smoking all my roaches out of a hooka hose, never used the hooka yet lol just opened the box and took out the hose, lol I thought of so many ideas after that, shit the smoke is cool by the time it reaches your lungs, whole bunch of ideas flooding in, bong with ice attached to a hooka hose, smoking whole blunts out of the hose

  2. you did not say wat i wanted you to say but I MESS WITH YOUR CHANNEL HEAVY u funny asf and u jamacan my dad jamacain u funny ash.I wanted to know how to combine 2 roaches together

  3. Надо бы ему показать как водник делать) парни кто владеет английским и знает что такое водник напишите ему)

  4. Во время моего похода на какой-либо концерт, в Москве постоянно приходится шариться по всяким ссанным углам

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