1. "I AM NOT CRAZY IT'S THEM OTHER PEOPLE WHO ARE TRYING TO KILL ME ! " Don't feed the beast & the shadow walkers won't bother you" So my wife says,My poor wife what a trooper she has put up with all my hyper vigilantes shit & combat driving skills,hell i think she should be rated 100% (GULF WAR/DESERT STORM/SOMALIA "BATTLE FOR MOGADISHU" "OPERATION RESTORE HOPE" US NAVY COMBAT VETERAN) 100% p&t (PTSD) & THEN SOME

  2. How can the VA deny a vet whose service connected at 50% for migraines say that his secondary depression and anxiety that was specifically diagnosed by the VA physciatrist and mental health with severe depression disorder with anxiety, ptsd and bipolar disorder because of PAIN.. yet the VA still denied the secondary claim..

  3. Excellent presentation… I was medically retired from the navy in 2008… I started at 60% from the VA and fought to get to 90%. Now the PTSD has gotten worse and I’m on the maximum dose of medication (200mg) of Zoloft. I’m hoping to get to 100%. I have 50% PTSD. I’m definitely gunnin for 70%

  4. I was awarded major depression and anxiety, secondary to Menieres Syndrome. Typically, VA prescribed plenty of monthly psychotropic drugs, which made me a zombie with ED! Fortunately, I now live in another country, where I can use and benefit from the natural herb…..Marijuana. I eat better, sleep better and have enormous erectile function.

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