1. Don't listen to this shit unless your like 60+ years old. The most common and obvious reason for chest pain is either anxiety or heartburn/acid reflux. And I hate when people say a panic attack only lasts at most 10 minutes, that's a bunch of shit. My panic attacks last 1-2 hours on average if it's cannabis induced. Without cannabis a panic attack will usually last 30 minutes to an hour. One way to know for for sure you've experienced a panic attack is when it's over and you starting to feel normal again you will be exhausted and falling asleep because it takes a lot out of you. I've searched and searched for years to find a fix to my anxiety and there are only 2 ways that actually work. 1. Take a benzodiazepine (I don't recommend because they are very addictive) 2. You must face your fears. When your panicking, think about what's causing it, when you know why your scared you need to confront that fear and the panic will subside very quickly. I hope this helps someone.

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