1. Weed is already superrrr taxed in the legal states. It’s so good for the economy and people will stay pay high af prices for weed. Especially cuz it’s such great weed

  2. Im 21 and prescribed opioids from my car accident 2 years ago and hope soon weed will be legal soon in PA I need off these oxycodone pills and to just smoke some weed. Did you know if the doctor finds weed in my system they will stop my painkillers.

  3. the prohibition of weed has caused people to smoke weed from the streets laced with cut hard drugs and rat poison, or you could be getting totally fake weed thats actually k2, which has caused thousands of OD Deaths alone, along with the laced weed also has potential to kill. And, its hypocritical, as tobacco is a much bigger health threat than weed will ever be (even though i smoke both) and in legalized states, alcohol remains a much bigger threat on our roads than weed, as alcohol and driving result in a dangerously high death toll / Injury Rate / Arrest Rate way higher than weed. also, i would like to point out that the prohibition of carts is a HUGE threat. if carts were legal, they should be inspected TWICE per cart, with an official certification / batch number that you can look up on the internet to certify that the cart is in fact real, and not some hot dog water, or something worse. weed doesnt kill, the weed laws kill. its clear that if you dont have access to legal weed you will most likely turn to a drug more deadly than that.

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