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  1. This was really good, I'm so glad he came on the show! I know Rep. Sortwell is a freedom fighter, and I appreciate him a lot! He's literally my favorite elected state rep. However, I'd like to address his points on why some of his colleagues don't support cannabis law reform, based on what I witnessed in the little 'ol UP alone, there is still plenty of money for our state to make. PLENTY. ZOUNDS. As for the homeless issue, that's a nationwide problem with many factors. I don't know anyone who had become homeless just because of cannabis unless impacted by the unjust laws. I have seen people become homeless and die from alcoholism, though. It would be great to see at least a "full use" medical bill pass, similar to what Michigan has and had before full rec. Hope Rep. Sortwell can help people like me not have to make a choice between breaking the law or taking medications like opiates and benzos. For some of us, this is a life or death issue. I'd be happy to share my thoughts any time he has time.

    Great interview though, what a delightful interview, what a delightful person!!

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