1. Mississippi here!!!! These folks are far to familiar with the propaganda,and still have a way to go.I have written everyone from here to the "White House". I can't actually believe the trouble getting the doctors to back it!!!! With all the information out there…it's just nuts!!

  2. I live in the UK , the government has just passed a medical cannabis bill but only for cannabis derived medication not cannabis as a whole , it's a step in the right direction , but is only available to selective patients with selective conditions

  3. I think Texas will actually be around the corner…Texas is a majority conservative state, yet MANY conservatives are now pro-cannabis. I think Virginia will be the last state to go legal, and they're a liberal state…

  4. amen brother pills are no good all they do is make money for the goverment and doctors im happy to hear you not want to keep taking drugs love yourvideos and i wish it was legal in my area new york lol

  5. I've just discovered this channel. The subject of legalisation for medical use is a huge topic. I'm from Australia. It's possible to get a license for medical use. But with more hooks than a fishing competition. The cost is $27,000 a year. $1,900 to make an application. Then you must apply for a research license to get a discount. Tough parameters of growing are in place. You pay for the inspectors to drop in at will. That's about $300.00 an hour. They may choose to stay the whole day. Fair system-NOT. How can a single mum with an uncontrolled epileptic child pay this ridiculous amount? Or aged pensioner suffering Parkinson's. My government angers and sickens me with their cruelty and greed. Only a research pharmaceutical company could be given permission to grow cannabis. They preach and praise themselves for this but it is an underhanded deception. It works out cheaper for the aged pensioner to grow illegally then pay fines. Or go to jail. Australia is a great country. We have some shameful leaders.

  6. 6:29
    lol, 7:41

    8:16 & subsequent narration πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    I was like…'we're probably not gonna hear another word out of him for the rest of the video (although he will still be following everything closely)' πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  7. Just started watching you yesterday. I fell like I have known you for years and that we think the same way. Really enjoying your content please keep up the hard work and clean growing to inspire the rest of us to strive for excellence in our grows. THANK YOU GRATEFUL GROWER!!

  8. I'm not a militant weedie. I smoke to get stoned. And only now and then. I know weed has medical uses. I also know that many of the medical claims made about it are utterly nonsense made up by militant weedies. I just don't give a crap about legalisation either way. The legal status of weed has never had the remotest effect on my consumption of weed, and I'm just smoking it for fun. If I had an illness, and it helped with that illness, I'd never feel like a criminal for smoking.
    But right now, you got people with no medical training or even basic knowledge, "prescribing" weed for just about every illness and malady under the sun. That is clearly a sad state of affairs, and needs somethihng done about it. The guys in white coats need to hurry up and find out exactly what it can and can't do, because there are nasty people out there talking cancer patients into smoking weed instead of seeking actual treatment. They are not even asking what KIND of cancer. There is no cure for cancer. There can NEVER be a "cure for cancer", because cancer is not a disease; It's a biological accident which has many causes (including disease) and can affect just about any part of any living organism. Different cancers can be treated in different ways. There will never be one chemical or combination of chemicals that can cure every kind. There is no law of nature whatsoever that even says that a disease must have a cure that doesn't also kill the host. So, next time you hear some internet kid mouthing off about Cannabis curing cancer, remind him that THAT is the kind of uneducated talk that has set back public support for research into the REAL medical uses of weed. And if there really are compounds in there that can be helpul in the direct treatment of certain cancers, great. But the paranoid psychos and conspiracy nuts are not doing anything good to shape public opinion into further research. There is no great conspiracy here. Sooner or later, the majority of the population will get what it wants. That majority grows faster when it's a side of a debate that isn't full of nutjobs, liars, and conspiracy nuts. Cut the fruitcakes loose. Militant weedies are to legalisation, what Anita Sarkeesian is to equal rights. They are setting back their own causes faster than Hitler set back the Nazi/Jewish netball league.

  9. I wish we could get access to medical here in Norway. Sadly you're seen as a drug addict if you use weed / hash here as it's demonized to such an extent. In the meantime I'm stuck with BigPharma's options for pain medication. Hopefully we'll catch up with the US in this like we do with many other things. Thank you for an amazing channel. I'm learning so much so that when it does get around to being legal here I will be a magnificent grower, on paper at least πŸ˜‰

  10. Appreciate your videos and insight…well done!..my question is do your prefer to grow say 2 or 3 plants in your space, maximize their growth as opposed to say a dozen smaller plants..smaller pots excedera..would you do a complete grow video on a big single plant..thanks..Montana altitude..

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