1. I'm an advocate for & love CBD. It does help with my pain issues & anxiety ( secondary), which is associated to and with the severity of pain. Good article & info.
    Thanks Monica.πŸ’

  2. I think for somebody who lives with daily pain, when they experience relief from that pain, it can bring feelings of euphoria and overall well-being.. you feel more like a "normal" person. In regards to the "Risk".. I wonder if "the experts" might be attributing that reprieve in pain to the "high" feeling they say is experienced with CBD? Hope that makes sense.. ☺

  3. I LOVE CBD !! Or as I like to say in chat..
    See🐝Dee πŸ˜†
    I use gummies, pre-rolls, and a tincture.
    I have chronic debilitating migraines, painful lady times, and sciatica. It also helps with anxiety πŸ‘

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