1. Not many if any in the public eye have ever spoken so honestly and wisely as hitchens In my opinion . I wish I could have met him and just told him how i appreciate his work and how he changed my life personally for the better

  2. I don't think drugs that might endanger others should be legal though, like meth, crack etc. Sure I'm all for letting people screw with themselves if they want to, but if taking meth is going to make you run around naked stabbing people, then fuck no that shouldn't be legal

  3. he has a point about education. some things alter your life and your potential and capacity for fulfilment in all sorts of ways more drastically than a simple cheeseburger. and it's much simpler to understand nutrition. so many things are backwards in U.S. education today, but proper, comprehensive education about psychoactive substances should be part of high school courses at some point. today, where you see it it's somewhat akin to propaganda.

  4. want to subject yourself to, there are things users don't understand about its effects on cognition and memory, about its psychological effects… in short you shouldn't assume that it's a healthy habit, and, moreover, there is nothing like living lucidly.

  5. smoking, particularly with papers and wraps, may be just slightly carcinogenic. smoking it at all is definitely risky in terms of lung infections and the like. THC has an effect on oncocytes (cancer cells) IN VTRO which induces autolysis, according to some studies. this is meaningless clinically, because IN VITRO (on culture) you can name all sorts of things that would kill them – say, vinegar. that said, the real question is that there are lots of other untold risks that you may or may not

  6. yes because good parents would lock their child in cage for years even when they are adults and make sure they can never work just because they altered their consciousness

  7. so should people have to study the laws before they vote too? what is you definition of a free society? there is a lot of things that can harm you in this world, many would argue one of the worse things in terms of health is food. one of those things is cheeseburgers, should you have to study nutrition before stepping into a mcdonalds?

    id be interested in hearing your perspective on the way that cigarrettes, alcohol, and fast food should be handled in respect to your proposition about marijuana

  8. Did you know that i drank water and am still alive? so your statement that "%100 of the people who ever drank water have died" will not be true until we become extinct.

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