1. ok you're obviously not aloud doping in the federation you are in but that "drug tested doesn't mean drug free" voice got me thinking are you aloud regular dope? like we are in Canada right if that brew was a joint would you not be aloud to compete?

  2. I would want just to share my location via iPhone to drug testers. It seems a bit painful filling some stupid form on badly done website all the time 😂

  3. I don't know why it matters to anyone if someone takes steroids or not….. Though I am a beginner in game but I believe, if you love lifting weights – you will focus on yourself only. It's good to watch other lifters journey and their lifts. World records are by product when you have been training your ass off for over years.

    Thanks Bryce for bringing this video… I will be competing sooner in APU so this is good to know for beginners like me.

  4. I scrape the publicly available failed USAPL tests and sell it to health insurance companies. It doesn't pay me much but I sleep well knowing the actuarial tables to establish insurance rates are more accurate. More accurate tables, higher profit margin.

  5. Dude I'm curious how would this go for someone who's got stage fright when they pee? I could literally have to explode BY MYSELF and sometimes can't do it for a while. I can't imagine having to have someone behind me while I take a drug test.

  6. The IPF is literally the stupidest fucking federal in existence. I'm extremely familiar with the IPF in my country and their leaders and the labs, locally and internationally. They will literally let an athlete slide who's CLEARLY doping but will test the guy/gal as soon as they don't like them anymore. The IPF does this and sucks the fun out of competing – no seriously, you like pre-workout? Yeah no, that's banned to a certain degree. For crying out loud, I was the THROWN out of the IPF group for joking that water will soon become a banned substance!!! 🙄

    The IPF are so stuck up with their wilks score that will always favor smaller lifter + bigger weight. You may squat 250kg as a chick but if you weigh 120kg then that's not an impressive wilks score, thus you're not that impressive anymore. They love people that weigh as much as a tin of beans because that's a favorable wilks score. You can literally be thrown out of this federation because your supplements were cross contaminated with something – so it's completely out of your control. You can't even argue or defend yourself. Forget about supporting your friends in other feds, if you're IPF you're not even allowed to be seen with other federal lifters – I ain't joking, go look up the rule book that's recently had more banned substances added.
    The IPF is a money-making scheme – you pay hundreds of thousands if not millions to get your gear approved for them. They tried that shit with Adidas and Nike (to pay them to "approve" their shoes) and they basically told them (the IPF) to go fuck themselves.

    Listen, I don't have beef with the IPF but I believe a person should be honest – this fed sucks the life and the joy out of powerlifting! Man, you can't even sniff some ammonia before the audience or even back stage in view of someone incase it offends the sensitive. You can't even lift to music. Their rules are ridiculous! Soon their raw squat will be you in your birthday suit, sitting flat on the ground and some judge will still call you on depth.

    Don't support a federation like the IPF. There are hundred of federations that suit all sorts of people… No, the IPF doesn't make the game fair by "having only non-pde athletes". There are kids that roid hardcore in the IPF. Go up against the roided guys and gals and beat them as a natty.

    Being natty should be a choice, not enforced over you by some overlord.

  7. The huge problem with USADA and other anti-doping agencies is they don't catch everything and never will. And there lies the problem. I tend to agree with Luke Thomas's argument that it segregates athletes by their ability to resource drug use or not. If you have the money, you can afford the research or have access to research to use chemicals that fly under the radar of anti-doping agencies. Chael Sonnen has openly pointed this out as well. When an anti-doping agency is aware of a substance, they ban it. The lab quickly changes the formula, and use continues until the new chemical is discovered and they are able to test for it. The dog begins to chase its tail and you have a racket going on. This also increases user risk, in my opinion. Tampering with chemical chains can cultivate less safe chemicals that are already out on the market, and the dangers of such chemicals are highly unknown for short and long term use. – edit And on the Olympic note, I highly suggest checking out Zack Telander's vid about "Selling Olympic Medals". It is a perfect example of what is wrong in modern powersports.

  8. how is drug free competition fair? its all about genetics then. So u can permit yourself to compete drugfree becouse you have awesome genes. Meanwile us normies wil never have that chance and its got nothing to do with work ethics. I know ppl who are busy training all their lives and never even get close to top 10%

    In my opinion untested makes the playground fair(er) for everyone!

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