1. ? Why Are You Whoms Hair Is Of Wool~
    United In Christ~
    ? Whom Is It~ That Can Ever Be Worthy Of Praise~ That You Would Forget Your Maker Whom Is God~
    & Have The Creator ~
    Tare You All Into Pieces~
    It's Sad That You All Pay For Your Stay In This Earth~ & Be Mistreated & Abuse & Misused & Sodomized & Cloned Out & Slaughtered & Devoured On A Daily Basis~ But Yet Your Not Knowledgeable Enough 2 Know That Your Enemies Don't Care For Any Of You & That Your Enemies Hate All Of You Whoms Hair Is Of Wool~
    Your Committing A Crime Against Your Heavenly Father Whom Is God~

  2. Non Of You Can Teach~ The Seeds Of The Creator ~ Anything~ As Long As You Worship Your Enemies~ The Creator Is God ~ Alone~ & It's Time 2 Find The Truth Whom Is God~ 2 Set The Passage Straight ~
    What Do Any Of You Need With Your Enemies~ What Has Any Of Your Enemies Done For Any Of Those Whoms Hair Is Of Wool~ But Turn Those Whoms Hair Is Wool~ Against Their Maker & Soul Keeper~ Whom Is God~ Your Enemies That You All Stand Firm On Their JC~ Whom Be All Those Whoms Hair Is like The Hair On The 🐴🐎 Back & Tail~ Are Against You~ They Hate You~ & The JC''s
    Have Been Mistreating You For Many Many Years~ ? So Then I Ask Why Do You Mention Your Enemies As You Worship God~
    For Non Whom Are Unlike You~ Have A Connection With The Creator~ Whom Is God~

  3. As I sent to the caribbean brother last week, would you go against CHRIST himself? Mark 9: 38-41, Luke 9: 49-50

    For those who kick against water baptism. If you go against a prophet of the LORD, then you are against THE MOST HIGH.
    Matthew 3: 11-17, 21: 23-32
    Mark 1:9-11, 11: 27-33
    Luke 3: 16-22, 7: 22-35, 20:1-8
    Exodus 13: 21-22, 14: 19-20 & 24, 19:9-18, 34:5
    Luke 9: 34-36
    John 1: 29-34, 3: 23-36
    1 Corinthians 10:1-4
    Joshua 3:8-17, all of chapter 4, pay attention to the stones
    2 Kings 2:6-14

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