1. On 2 separate crops I have Hermaphrodited a plant or two by topping and branch training the same plant. It was just to much stress…… Maybe I should have kept it in vegetation longer ?

  2. hi Chris.. I HAVE A PROBLEM
    first of all, thank you for your amazing informative videos.. you really helped me out a lot
    i'm growing indoors and 6 weeks ago i flipped the plants into flowering. for some reason, it is taking forever. the progress the plants have made in 6 weeks is normally a 2-week progress. i cant seem to know the problem. here's a brief description; first, i cant get my humidity in check, night time it goes above 70% and during light it averages to about 65%. does that affect flowering this much?
    second i have some status lights which i did my best to cover but they still show (like barely) would that be the reason? or could it be genetics as i have no clue what strain these plants are.
    i would really appreciate your help as this is my first grow. im judging the grow off of what i have seen so far from your vids. my plants (even tho completed 6 weeks in flowering) are still stretching and theres no real flower yet. pistils are shooting up tho.

  3. Love what you do on your channels. Thanks for all the info. Really helps sharpen my grow skills. Would like to send you some vedios of my garden to get some of your feedback. Let me know how i could send it to you. And thanks again keep it up.

  4. Do u water till run off when u feed or water every time or do u water without runoff. I am growing in coco loco 5gal 5 week veg in fabric pots. I water till 10 percent runoff and let sit in saucer for a hour and then vacuum up. Then I wait till dry lik 3 to 5 days and water till runoff again. Am I wrong should I water more but less water no runoff or am I correct

  5. Hey man I watch all your videos and listen to all the wonderful knowledge that your are providing us to grow some wonderful big buds I just wanna say thank you so much for the information and I wish you the best of luck with your grow man

  6. Now that you’ve talked about herming I had a beautiful white widow that ended up having tons of seeds at the end of flower an it may of been from stripping it so much throughout flower. It still smokes smell an smells great. But the seeds do suck. Thanks for the knowledge man 🤙🏻

  7. I've been watching your vids for awhile. Love all the info you put out there. You and two other youtubers have guided me through two successful grows. So a shout out to you my friend.

  8. super dope video again, thanks a lot!! i’d be very interested in a video where you test on a few plants how much stress it takes them to hermaphrodite? 3 different levels of stress, three different plants where you you don’t care if you collect some seeds or not. what do you think?

  9. I’ve ‘got a friend’ who’s alpha grow were 3 seeds from lost strains he had collected randomly from herb he had purchased previously over time. So one day he planted all 3 and low and behold all 3 showed to be female. Well, while learning in his alpha grow he attempted a FIM on a plant but it started to grow the main stem again so he let it grow a little longer then attempted to just top it by cutting off the top. Well the top was successful but the plant became thin and changed appearance over time. Then it grew balls.. He then found out that this was a little trick to help gather more feminized seeds from a seed harvest and since he had only started with 3 seeds he decided to let the male grow and get some seeds from 2 female plants that were growing, One better than the other. After chopping down the male plant and simply dusting the tops of the plants that had already produced some bud, the plants started to grow seeds. After an emergency harvest with a lack of air flow and mold development the plants had to be chopped and much was scrapped. The tiny amount that was harvested was separated from good to bad with way more bad than good. After this, he sorted seeds from seeds from good harvest, and seeds from bad harvest and simply seed sexing each as he went. Now he has around 15-30 good seeds from 2 plants but is focusing on his future beta grow to potentially harvest more seeds for a second generation of mothers seeds to see what traits they develop. He has come up with some names for the plants but I can’t share them yet. 😉😏

  10. To answer your question. I had a run of 6. 1 developed chlorosis from an experiment. Another story. but yes, I had one of these 6 as another experiment and defoliated every other day to just that one. 1-2 at the tip fan leaves left on it. 3 weeks out of vegging. Out of nowhere went full hermie and started popping male sacs at every bud site. That was a cool experiment. I should have videoed it.

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