1. With how much dilution they have recently, a RS wouldnt be the worst thing even a 20-1 would be a nice consolidator taking it from 400+ mil shares to 20 mil? Do you think having the price not in the penny stock category would weed out some of the pumps and dumps? This stock has been held down for a while…

  2. I use their product

    Namaste , Top Leaf are my favorite

    The "GOAT" from Top Leaf is AAAA.

    They are representing more then 20% of product in store here in Québec. Goverment run store . No stress to get paid . Also ,look at their other entity , Pathway Rx. They have encouraging result on covid treatment with Cannabinoid extract from sativa strain . Type covid Pathway Rx on Google, there is a news 3 days old that got under the radar . Cannabis and pharma togheter here . Bullish you say?

    Next thing for them would be to launch ev cannabis car I guess . How can it be more bullish guys ?

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