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  2. Thank you to all involved with this. I need help and this is the best video for me on day 6 of no weed. I have been stoned nearly everyday for 20 years. I’m 38….. Thank you again. I laughed and cried at the love letter to MJ. God bless you…. Nice Yonga (Roo) there

  3. My partner and I have been smoking around 1.5 grams / day for the last year, and we recently decided to quit for at least a month because our lungs are asking for a break asap. It's been three days; I feel very angry and easily irritated, but honestly, it's not that bad. I've been sleeping so much better now that I can actually breathe decently! Good luck to everyone:)

  4. Guys please pray for me, I’m 18 years old started to smoke weed at the age of 15,16 , regularly, yesterday decided to quit it forever! It made my memory sooo worst at learning things, I got unmotivated and lazy, god knows what I’ve gone through these years, but now this is day 1 and I’m starting to feel sweaty and hot and having stomachache! Please guys can I really quit it ?

  5. Opposed to most people on here, I'm not a social smoker. I like smoking weed by myself and have done it everyday for years. I grow myself so It doesn't cost me much. When I'm sober I just sit around and do nothing. But when I'm high I can be productive and content with any task I need to do. The downsides I experience are the short term memory loss. The frustration of not being able to think deeply and clearly about things. There could be more downsides i don't even realize. I'm on day 3 of sobriety and I feel like shit. A whole month of living like this dosent sound pleasing let alone the rest of my life. I've heard from sober people that say they are really happy that way. I genuinely don't know what I want to do.

  6. so i cut down on weed around 8 weeks ago ( about an 8th in a month) smoked nothing for 3 weeks been around friends smoking daily and passed a drug test today goo meeeeeeeeeee

  7. My story
    I ve been smoking loud weed daily (all day long.. J after J before work and J after J before bed) for the past 15 years. I stopped for 2 weeks then during my second weekend I smoked a gram and I was high AF, meantime I hate it myself for smoking it again. The following Monday I marked it on my agenda as my new day 1 and now i m going on day 33 without it. It wasn't easy at the beginning (sweaty night, crazy dreams doing drugs,, bad temper, hardly can focus, low sex drive) but things got better starting week 3. I still feel weird but I m happy of my accomplishment and finally enjoying doing things like watching a movie and having my focus and sex drive back close to normal without being high.. it is still a battle in my mind and I am winning it.. and so could you! Nothing is impossible so do it!!

  8. I’m a Engineer, Cannabis is Really good for me to Focus and Work a lot harder High I work in manufacturing technology micro chips and I’m always 4X productive than the Rest , Owners give me all the OT because I’m fast and high af DABZ

  9. People who get addicted to weed are weak mentally 😂 considering it's not really that addictive i've smoked weed since I was 15 and can be on and off whenever I want most of these dudes on the video don't realize that weed can help you mentally but that doesn't mean smoke a whole pound in a week

  10. I used to be a daily smoker, however I've been on probation for a year and haven't failed a single drug test. I complete my probation in exactly 35 days, It wasent that hard to for me to just stop cold turkey because I knew that I absolutely had to do it. But let me tell ya, 35 days can't come any sooner….

  11. It’s crazy how addicted the mind can get to marijuana! When you’re off it, it’s like ‘FCK weed it’s nothing’ && when you’re on it, it’s like ‘🤪😭😤🤬😍’ a roller coaster. The longest I’ve gone w/o smoking since I first started is 9months

  12. Have been smoking pot throughout my college years. 23 years old now. I'm finally deciding to kill the habit. I realised all my work; music, movie scripts and even my medical lab degree are half way done. I'm i lazy? hell no. why? I start on one thing then i don't get to finish my projects. Is it just me or i'm blaming it on Mary Jane.

  13. The first time I took it was in the form of an edible. smoked it like 3 times after that. I was 15 years of age, then over the course of two years, I smoked it every other week or something. I'm now a heavy weed smoker and I consciously know that I want to stop, I have problems remembering things, I feel empty and depressed all the time and my ability to communicate with other people has been affected too which means I am unable to form any deep relationships, people just come and go out of my life because I don't have the ability to connect with them, no conversation excites me, basically, I feel disconnected from the world and I'm alone and deep down I know if I stop smoking, it will bring me back to a more normal state of mind, this is day 2 of me quitting currently don't feel any withdrawal symptoms but this time round I know it deep down in my heart that I no longer want this drug ruining my life anymore. after seeing how people feel a while after quitting it just further motivates me to continue to abstain from taking this substance again. it's all fun and games until it completely wrecks your mind i just hope there is a mind to recover after the detox is complete.

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