1. Sheetal, can you do a video on Kali ma? I saw the Kali oracle deck and fell in love with it. But, one of my Christian friends said Kali was bad. Please, give us who are interested in Kali some clarity. Thank you!

  2. So so so on point. July 8th, I just finished scripting the very words you’re speaking now. I’m loving 🥰 my new vibration & journey. I’m afraid but won’t stop moving forward in my spirituality journey. Many blessings to you.

  3. I only came across u a few months ago and I looked at the video for 2020 and it was sooooo accurate What I went thru for 2020 I had to watch this one… same thing happening for 2021. Thank you so much.. 6/22

  4. I also resonate with your reading for Cancer. Some things have and are happening in my life right now. My mindset has been to change, let go, become more independant. I've been wondering what job/ career I should do, as I am diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Arthritis. Thank you fir confirming that I am headed in the right direction and path!❤

  5. Omgosh, I hope it is from your lips to Goddess' ears. I have not had a job since I moved to San Antonio in 2014 and now with Covid it seems like it's a snowball's chance in hell of getting one. Being 54 (turning 55 on 7/6) does not make me a good candidate to any employer. Lots of ageism here! It is not for lack of education as my skills and knowledge range from legal-Federal, Industrial Safety, Drug Counseling and intergenerational Counseling, Human Resources and Public Administration. Yeah, I am so tired of this negativity and ssssooooo, ready to move-on!!!!
    I will be keeping tabs on this and checking things off as they happen 🤞.

  6. Omg omg omg you did it again 😭😭 I literally have not stopped following exactly what you said do an I FEEL AMAZING an what so funny you posted this reading today an I drunk the last of my Yogi sweet TANGERINE positive energy tea this morning an went in my tea container an first thing I pull out is stress relieve tea an I turn to back to read since I forgot an guess what the main ingredient is MINT 🥰 you said in last reading that I felt like was for me to use sugar an mint an what’s the odds I run out of my tangerine tea an grab a mint tea lol everything I manifested is here and I swear I’m so thankful to you ❤️ I even got the approvals to my and the boys LLC’s an I’m 100% focused on starting our businesses again 😭 This is our year 🙌🏿 I swear you and your hubby 🥰will be the first to receive a package 😆 yahh I’m so excited you really amazing

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