1. Wow they are looking great my friend. I love the looks of them . Man those frosty buds look amazing. Keep up the great work and stay safe. Hope you and your family are doing good

  2. Aye mozi you should let them grow for another week then cut all the budz off an let that grow they will be monsters. I did this on my grow last year. check it out then you can see how they turned out

  3. nice! but flowering so early – hopefully you can get some babies in there soon for a proper summer grow, those plants there would be a lot of work to re-veg, look forward to following along, cheers!

  4. Beautiful, Beastly, and Extremely Frosted! Looks Wild with the Reveged! It's Neat to see the Pheno testing! Great Work Broski! Cheers!!! Much Props and Much Love!💯🌳🔥💣💥🎆🎉🍻💚😁💪👊✊👍✌

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