1. Wow so few subscribers. Criminally underrated. Keep making videos, no way this isn't gonna blow up eventually. Personally I would love to see a video on how you maintain your beds. Good stuff keep it up.

  2. Hey bro love your videos, would you mind making a video on what your feed schedule is like with KNF inputs and others you use as well? I'm having a hard time finding some sort of schedule or what to feed in what stage.

  3. Nice man, I do all that as well plus some IMO5 in my compost, fermented plant juice, and I do like the neem seed meal spray as well as insect frast tea sprays for pest management.. I tend to over due things.. but damn those Terps.. so tasty!

  4. Bro, very nice garden! Your girls are doing great! I also use only SST’s and compost teas. Foliar spray with Neem Seed Meal once a week and have had no real problems. Good luck with your grow, looks like you should have a good harvest with another month of veg! They should be monster plants!

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