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  3. 1. Avoid sativas
    2. Avoid automatics
    3. Try Indicas. They have short flowering time and are low in height
    4. Rather give slighty less water than too much. A plant will show you if it's thirsty.
    5. Rather give slightly less fertilizer than too much. Too much fertilizer will kill your plant.

  4. Most autos are good easy beginning grows so.e can be a bit finiky nute and tempwise but ive usually recommended any "-lights" strains for people who ask me what to start with. Northern Lights are a good starter they handle slipups and training well love the vids ive got a "few" grows under my belt but still find new ways to learn what where and when i can

  5. Also, for what it's worth, my best grow in terms of both quality and quantity was all clone, seven different strains. The top yielding and easiest to grow, were Apollo 11, White Widow, and Trainwreck Bigbud. The younger ones which were also incredibly easy, but grew only one large bud, were Ice, Hindu Kush, and Super Silver Haze… The Bubblegum just didnt compare to the others. Buds never quite filled out, and quality wasnt nearly as good. All others were rather easy to grow and the quality was absolutely through the roof!
    If you can find them, I'd recommend ICE and HINDU KUSH for that heavy stone where you're basically a zombie and dont wanna go out in public. Apollo 11 was an incredibly positive and active sativa, unlike most other cannabis strains. And SSH had to be my favorite. Not as much in terms of yields but the quality was simply incredible. Hope this helps someone out there!

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