1. I have seen his videos here and there and usually can calm my brain to fall asleep to them. I put this on at midnight (late for me) and got so interested that now it's 12:45 and still haven't fallen asleep. Oops. Such amazing information and couldn't stop watching

  2. Omg doc, see u became old make me feel old too ahah I was grow up with your videos 😭 I like your videos, if I just have the possibility to go study medicine….but in Italy it's all for who pays to pass exam or just cause someone is friend of another who is already in medicine

  3. Let's get real, no Dr does a proper exam anymore. All they do is Cat Scan everyone that walks in the door. Then I get gripped at for actually caring about radiation dose and get told I need to imagine wisely and image gently. How about order wisely and order gently?? Drs have no care for radiation dose and can no longer diagnose without imaging. Thats why medical radiation dose is off the charts these days.

  4. Hey Dr. James, I've always liked your videos from well before you started this channel.
    You might've noticed the UK is going through a bit of thing surrounding trans rights and those who would take them away.
    In that respect, it'd be awesome if you would adopt the language of "most women" and "pregnant people", etc.
    It's just a request, but change starts with each of us, right?

  5. I just went for my annual physical yesterday. (And I'm fine. Although it's more like I'm holding steady at baseline.) I know you know how pivotal demystifying things can be. I've got a number of health conditions I'm dealing with. Thanks for making them not quite as scary as they formerly were. Here's wishing you and your family a very happy new year. 😀

  6. Another great video and a belated Happy New Year Dr. Gil!
    Out of curiosity for future videos, have you ever considered doing one on ASMR itself or is that really more of a psychological topic… I ask because, and not to be gross, a few years ago I had to have an ear cleaning done and I noticed afterwards that ASMR wasn't as affective as it used to be. Meanwhile my wife has sparkling clean ears, and says ASMR doesn't affect her at all but listening to glass shattering makes her sleepy.
    Just a thought, medical peculiarities have always been interesting to me, like being part of the 1% of people who think cilantro tastes/smells like soap. Have a good day!

  7. I don't work in the medical field and neither does my partner however I have a fascination for the human body being a personal trainer and I do find your videos most interesting,I'm definitely a fan👌🏽💪🏽
    Keep up the good work sir ,I take my hat off to you

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