1. MJ is probably the safest way to play. GXTG if you're not wanting to all in to the cannabis space. MSOS doesn't have me sold. MJ is benchmarked and could include the US MSOs once the MORE Act passes at which point why own MSOS?

  2. Argument against MORE Act passing seems to be that the senate Republicans could Filibuster.

    As a counter argument —

    "Nuclear Option" would be possible to allow a 51 vote end of the Filibuster at which point a simple majority would be needed to forward the MORE Act through the senate.

    The Nuclear Option essentially would have Senate Majority Leader [D] Chuck Schumer call a point of order to end the Filibuster, at which point the Presiding Officer of the Senate [like the judge in a court] would deny the point of order. Majority Leader Schumer could then make an appeal, which invokes a vote on the point of order to override the Presiding Officer's decision. The appeal itself takes a simple majority, and would overturn the Presiding Officer's decision [which would end the Filibuster], thus 51 votes would be needed to end a Filibuster on senate legislation. An additional 51 votes would be needed to pass the MORE Act.

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