1. so chronic marijuana decreases my iq points say im above average with adhd i cant use my knowledge to my favor because of the illness it should honestly be upto me to decide if its worth it to lose iq points as long as im able to use the iq points that i have in my favor its obviously very stupid to not use all of my iq points in comparison to using 95% of them while marijuana takes 5% giving me more attention in return? if anyone gets what im saying lmk i have lost train of thought at this point thus adhd

  2. Daily cannabis use has helped my issues more than anything else, and I've had no bad side effects. It can clear my head, calm me down, help me focus, assist with my emotional regulation, and overall has improved my life

  3. I noticed small amounts of sativa definitely helps me to focus and be in great spirits. I am more able to pull the things out of my head more easily. I think that probably long term would be detrimental.

  4. I'm not a doctor but from reputable studies that have come from the USA and Israel in recent years they suggest heavily that cannabis is not addictive at all, in property at least. You can be addicted to anything but it doesn't mean it is actually addictive. For example nicotine has actual addictive properties where as cannabis does not. So basically done associate or mix it with tobacco and that won't be an issue. Another thing I have learnt from reading a crazy amount of cannabis studies is that the strength of cannabis now Vs in the 60s does not change anything especially in it being "more addictive " infact it represents the opposite because you need less for the desired result.

  5. I found marijuana was a blessing and a curse. It made me a more chill and pleasant person. I was calmer and I didnt explode. On small doses I was able to work on it but I was slow and I hyper-focused even more. On high doses however I just got nowhere and did nothing productive.

    Like anything, the use and dosage was important. And someone as impulsive and as lacking in forethought as me, would often overspend on such an indulgence.

    I loved/love weed but I had to stop to focus when I had kids.

  6. I have Tourette’s Syndrome. School K-12 was tough. Began using cannabis at age 18 and life got better. I never used it before or during work, but helped in the evening and staved off most of my impulse actions through the next day. Started drinking coffee at 21 working long and stressful technology related retail hours. Became addicted to caffeine. 7 years later was drinking a venti drip coffee with three shots of espresso three times a day to feel & think normal. Fast forward to passing the age of 40 and the wife convinced me I may have ADHD. Turns out I did… and I learned roughly 80% of those with Tourette’s have ADHD. Using cannabis responsibly in the evenings helps me slow down, sleep and cure the muscle tension amphetamines cause.

    I’m a believer in CBD and medical use cannabis. I’d love to hear from others who have Tourette’s of you have similar or different results.

    P.s. – the two different strains of medical cannabis make a huge difference!!!

    Sativa for daytime or creative/up lifting use.

    Indica for sleeping/severe body pain & ailments. Indica is NOT good for day use. Remember it by thinking “IN-DA-Couch” … the classic “stoner” stereotype association.

    I also agree with other comments – medical cannabis use means responsible use. You use too much, you get “high”. Exactly the same as taking too high a dose of ADHD medication, except you can have a heart attack from amphetamine salt overdose… you can’t die from marijuana use, but you can sure feel silly, tired, or have the mad munchies if you abuse it!

    Stick with the rule for everything in life – ALL THINGS IN MODERATION.


  7. I was diagnosed with ADHD aged 9. Cannabis helps with my ADHD in moderate uses. But the problem is with some people like me who have addictive personalities it can be the opoosite and make it worse, Ever since I've used it regularly my memory has been better than when i used to smoke pot to get high, Now I'm trying to do it responsibily by regulating it.

  8. I started using it after it became legal in Cali. I stick to Sativa strains. Late last year, I felt as if i couldn't focus on one thing. I wanted to focus on everything at the same time. I couldn't accomplish any one thing because i wanted to do everything else. Ever since i started smoking it early this year, it feels like I can focus on one thing and quell the feeling of wanting to do everything. I've become more productive recently.

  9. I’m so, so discouraged by this video and it’s lack of comprehensiveness regarding the spectrum of different marijuana strains and their WIDELY (!!) varying effects. As someone with ADHD who has put down the hard meds due to side effects and used medical grade marijuana daily for a number of years to manage (and manage very well), it’s clear to me that there is an alarming lack of medicinal nuance these gentlemen have in regard to THC, CBD, strain terpenes, and all the varying combinations. Not to mention the importance of controlled tolerance breaks to combat adverse effects for long term ADHD treatment. You simply cannot generalize ‘marijuana’ when discussing its medical value to treat a specific condition.

    I have absolutely been on strains that have made my ADHD symptoms worse. I’ve had to discontinue those strains and navigate through the process of finding ones that do work. It’s a trial and error process, just like it is with any pharmaceutical treatment.

    For the past 838 consecutive days I have kept a mood/cognitive functionality journal with multiple daily entries to create mindfulness around my treatment. Saying a blanket statement like “marijuana is going to have long term adverse effects on ADHD” presents such a narrow-minded paradigm of the substance itself. We don’t need medical professionals telling us it won’t be a viable treatment option for us — for many of us it already is. We need medical doctors helping us to navigate the nuances of this particular medicine so that we can find what works for us.

    I’ve tried upwards of 40 different strains and through that process I have found 8 that make symptoms worse, 14 that help a lot (3 of which are exceptional) while the rest seem to be pretty neutral.

    I would challenge the author, though I believe you to be good intentioned, to seek DEEPER education on this matter before making an informational video. Not all of us are mindlessly self medicating; some of us are very serious about our treatment, and in my case, very tired of the larger medical community’s ignorance involving the efficiency of some marijuana strains to treat ADHD.

  10. Most people say Marjuana helps then relax and me more mellow..
    I don't, i become more hyperactive .. basicly all the adhd symptoms intensified.. i quite like it though, it is a little gettaway , letting go constictions a bit .

  11. I was on adhd meds for 10+ years of my life. But because of marijuana I was able to stop the meds. It was able to slow my brain down without inhibiting it. Now 25 years later I am a professional and functional person of society without doctors and without prescribed drugs. Doctors won’t tell you that though, they can’t make $ on something you can grow in your backyard

  12. I used to smoke the herb years ago,wasnt good for me in general.
    Got diagnosed adhd last year,on max dose dexamphetamines.
    Calmed my mind but no interest in getting active,tried a bit of herb
    and like I was shot out of a cannon barrel,,,ACTIVE,ENGAGED
    Best bloody thing i ever did.
    My doctor was VERY SURPRISED but didnt say,bad boy .
    dont do it!!!
    She is smarter than that!!

  13. Meth, otherwise known as adderall releases dopamine and so does cannabis so I don't understand why they aren't comparable. You think it reduces attention span. Maybe if you smoke a whole joint, but if you use a one hitter and control your dose, it is bounds better than adderall and comes with far less side effects, especially for those people who are very skinny and prefer to not have appetite suppressant effects for adderall and want to get to sleep at a reasonable time!

  14. And for anybody who wants to know cannabis absolutely 1000% does help ADHD. I have been on many medications that did not work and had lots of side effects but those were okay because the doctor prescribe them and everybody gets a little bit of my money. Cannabis on the other hand works within a minute or two you will know the difference and there are no long-term side effects. So what if I smile a little bit more or perhaps eat little bit more how horrible. Time for the lies to stop… cannabis works

  15. I'm just having an awful time listening to this guy. I absolutely hate to hear people call it marijuana. It's name is cannabis. In my opinion marijuana is the closest thing to the n word for cannabis. It was never intended to be used as a positive phrase only as a negative one go back and do some research and you will see that the government is the one who named it marijuana in order to demonize it in relationship to Hispanics.

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