1. Would you gentlemen please comment on New York’s Southern District lawsuit against Ethereum wherein theyy are claiming Ethereum is not a currency but rather a security and as such the FTC is alleging it’s being sold as an unregistered security and subject to legal action

  2. These guys pick great stocks in the most profitable trends. However they sell their positions often in order to keep their portfolio size manageable. You are better off holding these positions because most continue to go up significantly since they are strong companies (example: Intuit)

  3. You guys rock. I signed on with Extreme Fortunes and Profits Unlimited last April (2020). I am so glad that I did because I have benefited from making the investment in those two services and then some.

  4. Ian and Paul thx for your insights and explanations. Love profits unlimited. Tell all my friends about it. Sooooo happy you sold out of FB and TWITTER. Those should be highly regulated or banned imo. Reading your book for 2nd time 😄😄. Have a great weekend gentlemen.

  5. I am still concerned. Being cautiously bullish optimistic positive. Lot of assumptions and expectations are being priced in TSLA way before they're delivered and if they're missed, results can be crushing. BTC is in bubble at the moment, a parabolic run is not unprecedented for BTC, so be careful again with jumping onto it. Sep – Nov was a great time to buy, now its too hot to get in.

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