1. I've really been enjoying the streams team. thanks for the discussion and knowledge. as a new member of the industry and a lifetime user its always been awesome to find people who share the same great sentiment towards cannabis and the honest benefits.

  2. Your CYBER ATTACK proves I am doing my job. THANK YOU.
    CenturyLink4347 FEDERAL FELON.

    I could of just kept quiet and just created GOLD filling my bank account, but that would of been SELFISH ! I was returned to 'restore' EARTH, not get rich. Growing HEMP will restore earth, atmosphere, humanity, economy.

    The HOLY SPIRIT told me that explaining about atoms will help restore my brain.

    Boiling water proves that heat excites molecules that allows atoms to boil and escape. All things in life are made of ATOMS that bond into MOLECULES that creates matter. It is a matter of understanding the stages that 'heat' will do to ATOMS.

    There is a CREATOR that is sexless. The word GOD is man made for control of 'humanity'.

    It was not a question of believing my meditation but 'understanding' it. That is why I did what MOSES had them do in the BIBLE. I 'drank' MONATOMIC GOLD.


    Alright I have tried the SPIRITUAL side to get word out, now it is MANS way;

    My grandfather was a certified genius with 156 IQ that ran the PANAMA CANAL ZONE for the military until 1958 and can be looked up. ( Co. George W. Bland Sr.).

    My IQ was 148 when was 17.

    I wrecked my Harley giving me a 5.5 TBI that THC is restoring.

    I figured if THC is restoring my brain injury the way I say it is and if I am as smart as the IQ test says then I should be able to figure out how GOLD formed to 'prove' healing.

    I DID ! But they CYBER ATTACK ME !

    Government kills, GOD 'heals'.


    CREATORS 'healing' warrior.

    Because I was not believed I did a SPIRITUAL MEDITATION where I was shown how GOLD formed to show TRUTH.

    Copper melts at 1800F but the 'atoms' must be brought to a boil, that is at 3500F. There can't be any oxygen because will put pressure against atoms blocking escape. Melted BORAX will do this as long covering copper. In 100 hours 100 atoms will escape leaving 79 atoms that is GOLD.

    Only GOD can return me from 'death'

  3. Livin in uk with such silly laws and as an xsmoker from the 80's 90's I always get told that cannabis is a gateway drug yet all I found was it leads to fu@#ing carpentry.i use to be well known for my hand made glass bongs and the best bamboo bongs and pipes around,alcohol is the worst ever,how many people get into fights after a moke.na they can't be bothered,the most arguments is over whose pipe is next lol

  4. When they make it legal how will it work with the companies who drug test their employees if they are not doing it at work but it stays in your system for 30 days?

  5. Just got certified for my card. However, my husband threatens me and intimidates about it. I have been working so hard to prove that I am not worthless after a smoke. All about Money. PA cannabis is too expensive! More public acceptance!!

  6. Think locally. People use in different ways. Scientific to me in my area would be…stay with me: marchals shale gas drilling ×fracking× is fuck in up my landscape! There are explosions, earthquakes, and random fires from well sites. (Not everyday for fk $ sake) but there should be hemp farms here. Better water quality. No sulfur. Better landscape!! Beautiful landscape!

  7. is that not how this country was formed???? didn't we kill all the queen's men to keep this land for ourself. and why does Kamala get to vote she isn't even a office is she?????? i dislike Kamala i think she is a street walker.

  8. Earth is flat. Is assumed one must mock a belief such as this because it’s too painful not to be socially accepted and being ridiculed. Who the fuck cares about popularity?, do your research before you mock just because is the narrative and it’s easier for you to jump on that train since is socially acceptable and you have a bigger support platform, coward. When you can prove your ball with practical experiment showing water sticking to a sphere; then we can talk. BTW the endocannabinoid system is real.

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