1. Both sides of the government are highly corrupt. I was banned today for sharing a video on my 2nd account on my phone, all about literally AP posting about this video saying the voting machines are not secure. Literally AP has a video on this, brother. Look it up (AP Official Voting Machines not 100% secure, Uploaded February 2020)… Oh, and Dominion voting system is mentioned in the video description of THAT video before March last year. YouTube banned me today for telling people to watch that. Literally. YOU do not get it, they are deleting factual evidence and people who talk about it. Literally facts man.

    Also, I can confirm they are… simply by typing this and watching the hackers buy, and literally hack them on youtube.
    DefCon 26 Vote Hack Villege Conference 2019 …

    You might want to educate yourself, brother.

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