1. We always grow outside and right about the time the buds are big and looking good those damn caterpillars start munching down. End up harvesting early and hanging them in the closet. Love the smell but I know the house reeks to my non smoking family. Waiting for it to be legal here so I can grow again and make oil for medicine.
    I don't enjoy being ripped anymore either. Balance. Like with any other herb.

  2. I live in Ohio, you're totally spot on about the monopolizing of the industry. Medical will be up and running sept. of next year. A Cannabis College opened near Cleveland, I'm all signed up for classes hoping to get my foot in the door.

    anyways, I would love more cannabis videos from you

  3. And as much as I hate to admit.. When it allows us to think on deeper levels.. Or have more unrestricted thoughts.. It does go on both scales of the "Positive" and "Negative".. I wouldn't say it directly causes paranoia.. But it could elevate it if it's already there.. Just like Cid though.. Set & setting eh lol

  4. Made some infused vape juice the other night.. Bought a 50watt vape off ebay and it came through this morning.. Aaaaand I'm chinked already dude 😆 guessing you can buy the stuff pre-made in the US though?

  5. Looking good buddy! Few weeks of drying/curing and you're jamming 😋 trying to "Americanize" anything seems to be a problem huh 😂 was gorilla glue tasty or what? What about Blue Dream?.. Over hyped?

  6. I smoke in a similar manner these days. I appreciate the sobriety and found it doesn't always serve me. Like everything, one mustn't overindulge as to avoid possible negative consequences

  7. Do you have any videos where you talk about your kratom regiment like dosing and frequency. I've been taking it for a few weeks for depression and am starting to realize that the effects drop off the more I take it. I'm realizing it's not this endless euphoria I can rely on and that I need to exercise restraint to retain some of the magic.

  8. I used to get the Trinity Buds in the early 2000's. At the time there was a ton of schwag. My question to you is how would you compare it to the newer strains? Also, why'd you stop growing that strain because it ranked up there with the true Maui Waui or original AK47. When those came around you bought as much as possible.

  9. Amazing plants, surprised when u showed bud, wouldnt even notice it.., your owns seeds are best produce.. i wish it was legal in europe, and worldwide.. weed is amazing plant, very strong .. powerfull plant. Just needs peace to grow , plants are as smart as humans. Probably more!
    I dont wake and bake any more, because im more productive that way. But it was nice.. it helps me motivate sometimes, i dont use it often.. worst thing is paranoia if happens, usally for no reason, that anxiety.. got to be in the right spot too, preferably with good company. I think cannabis food , eating it is the best, smoke is Bad. Vape better.
    ive read about cbd long time, i believe in this plant so im using it for over. a year. its good for brain, cbd is also antipsychotic! :)) 5% cbd drops, 2-3 a day, it really calms me. herbs are like food! Same category! Plants heal!! 🙂

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