1. Obvious that nobody on this show did any research beyond the title of the degree, absolutely NOT a degree of botany based around growing "pot," it is an incredibly difficult chemistry degree based on the regulation and production of the rising cannabis industry.

  2. I just got accepted into NMU’s medicinal plant chemistry program. I start fall 2020! I told my grandparents (who are very conservative) and they just gave me the look and shook their heads.
    As far as the course goes, please keep in mind it is a chemistry course. It isn’t just some ‘pot class’ as y’all put it. You learn accounting, chemistry, plant physiology, genetics, and so much more. To simply refer to the course as ‘an easy weed class’ is somewhat ignorant to say the very least. You describe it as if anyone can get accepted and anyone could do it, suggesting ‘people just look it up on the internet if they want to learn how to grow weed’—when it consists of way more than ordering some at home grow kit from amazon and some seeds from craigslist. You’re learning how to build stronger plants on top of so much more which you can use beyond just the marijuana industry afterwards. Please do research on this wonderful university and program before speaking so loosely of it!

  3. They sound like total idiots. Why are they talking about this without researching it? I looked it up. The degree is Medicinal Plant Chemistry degree. It's a Biology and Chemistry heavy program. They don't even deal with actual marijuana in this program. They practice what they learn on other medicinal plants like St. John's Wort, ginseng root, and other medicinal plants that are legal to grow. They can later transfer this knowledge into working with marijuana.

  4. I'm confused so is the War on drugs over? Because if I'm not mistaken some people still going to jail in the US for this? Are we still in the same United States? Seems like two different countries or who is benefiting here?

  5. There was a problem with the study that the woman was talking about people that have problems with executive functioning between 18 and 29 the study didn't isolate cannabis as the sole variable it does not include people who mix the Cannabis with alcohol or other substances. It was based on a survey there's no way to isolate that someone solely uses cannabis and that was responsible for the decline in their executive functioning

  6. I'm absolutely floored by the response of the majority of the supposed medical professionals on The Doctors in response to this topic! Dr. Travis was the only one of them who even came close to viewing this as a medical professional, and as someone who is more concerned about the health of patients rather than getting laughs of out of the audience. After all, the story was about the school offering the major, not about the school handing out free pot.
    I certainly hope none of The Doctors staff never have to watch any of their loved ones die a horribly painful death due to cancer. Maybe then they wouldn't be joking about things like this and would instead, view this as an opportunity to learn more about the topic.

  7. In all seriousness we need MMJ experts so people can benefit from it’s treatments. I see nothing wrong with this as a medical professional. Regardless of how some wrongly view it’s use, it is absolutely beneficial for the treatment of MANY different medical issues. There are several medications that doctors are still prescribing on a regular basis that are unnecessary and detrimental to the health and well-being of the patient but “pot” is so terrible? Ignorance at its finest.

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