1. You can grow poppy plants as ornamental plants so long as you don't slice the sides of the tops and collect it. Also you can buy psilocybin spores legally only but don't put them in a jar with vermiculite and organic brown rice flour and let it colonize. Why are weed seeds illegal then? Mushroom spores are legal cause they contain no psilocybin and so do weed seeds

  2. Great start. But i want more! I wont stop till service members can smoke! Ideally, I want it off the list but we know we must make progress any time its possible.

  3. When did the senate vote on the more act? And if it was shot down, can it be brought up again? What’s the process of bringing it up again? And how long does it take to do so?

  4. Should be removed from the list entirely. It is time we stop locking people up for a outdated view on a plant. Mean time Arkansas is using a Voters initiative to pass a bill called Arkansas Recreational Marijuana Amendment . Go to ARTRUEGRASS.C O M if you would like to learn more or help.

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