1. Amazing advice Gabe, Such on point! Really deep insights, some things I've been thinking to myself for a while and it is really Breakthrough thoughts that are leading to practical positive changes and improvements in my life and in my relationship with marijuana. Keep on going bro, To be this honest and explorative requires Courage and Pure intelligence.

  2. i am so grateful to have discovered your channel! cannabis has really positive medicinal uses but too much is not a positive (this is true of anything) balance is so difficult esp with psychological problems because it helps and hurts at the same time. but i trust this plant more than what i'm told to do about it. i took a break for a month…i am trying to cut back significantly cos it is starting to get drab (and messes with psychosis)…it gets worse as you get older and people are taking less and less responsibility for their behavior. reading books is awesome cos you are in another world… i used to be in a 12step program and i didn't smoke for 3yrs and i was engaging in all kinds of other self-destructive behavior…but then they all told me to take pharmies…HA!

  3. Picking up hobbies seems to help the best. Painting, skating, disc golf, working out, biking, etc. and do them “sober.” leaves less time to get stoned and if you do, makes it much more enjoyable after you’re done with the day

  4. I have made the decision to be a weekend smoker. No more mid week smoking for me l. I will only smoke after 5 on the weekends ( Saturday and Sunday). My goal is to get my shit done then I can play. 5 day break ✊🏿

  5. Its all about what energy you put in your body if you want a higher amount of dopamine you should eat lots of really whole foods that are actually organic and exercise and practice adherence from substance and as a daily smoker I have become aware that energy is better found in the sacrifice of joy rather than the indulgence

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