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  2. Once those are harvested and cured, nobody would know they came off a "Charlie Brown" plant. Gelato is a lighter color because it's not getting the nitrogen it needs, whether that's from an absence or a pH issue is hard to say just from this video. I'm sure it has to do with height limitations, but in the future, you really want to fill those pots so there's only about an inch of unused space. Bigger roots = Bigger fruits! Edit: Look up "real grower's Recharge." A $20 bag should last you years and take care of those nitrogen problems.

  3. You gotta flush the pipes before collecting the water and use an air pump and/or add vitamin c to neutralize chlorine/chloramine. Check ph and adjust to what you think is best.

  4. Ya'll got to get rid of that little grow shanti box asap like yesterday and just pick up a proper 3 ft by 3 ft grow tent and throw a spiderfarmer 1000 led light (100 watts from the wall) in there and you will be light years ahead of the game of what your currently doing right now budget friendly too. Thank me later.

  5. Lol be lucky to get 7 grams…
    Complete waste of time..spend 3 months for such little smoke for 2 people.why…yt views..ok..lol
    Did u take clones.. probably not..
    What is the point of video.why even grow.i know content dries up for most cannabis channels.
    Told you months ago to reach out to a company..get free tent to lights..your set up is pointless.
    Not trying to be a dick..just being real honest like.

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