1. I’m running a dwc and just did a res change. Leaves became droopy after 24hrs checking. I’m thinking my nutes/ppm I put in are less then what I need. Going to try to up my ppm as I’m not sure how many weeks my plants are as I got them as a gift. I’m guessing 5wk-7wk

  2. My plant is fine except for 1 branch.. and on that one branch the leaves are all drooping.. i suspected over watering but would that effect just 1 branch? Could it be bud rott? Im growing in coco with 20% perlite. Any info that could stop me stressing would be appreciated thanks.. also the 1 branch is on the opposite side of the grow tent to the fan.. so not wind related..

  3. I have a few questions.
    1- made 2 cuttings off my fem both taken care of same one healthy green color but drooping and branches turning purple. My original is 2.5ish weeks into flower and no purple stems. My other clones leaves are lighter but not drooping and its growth is slower. Any advice? Both have good drainage and have flushed to see if helps and it doesnt
    2- I've gotten grow bulbs from home depo. Have good spectrum production but they are individual bulbs how many 65 watt eq. Bulbs should I need per plant?

  4. I’m running vanquish 315 watts for my veg how far away should the lights be my girls are roughly 2 feet tall also I water every 4 days and two of my ladies seem to stop growing tall like the others and is now short bushy with small leaves how can I fix these issues sir

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