1. Recently had blood work and chest x Ray's done. No abnormalities to report, however who knows the long term effects of smoking boo carts. People are dying from short term usage…

  2. Thank you. I'm a grown 40+ year old woman and I have been wanting to start Vaping. I tried a few years ago and failed to quit smoking. I smoke heavily. Now I'm looking into it again and everything has changed. Can you recommend a device to use to help me quit smoking? I do not want "box mods", I don't want to "blow clouds", and I'm doing this to help a 30 year heavy nicotine addiction. I'm now afraid of what to buy and who to buy from. Can anyone offer advice for a pen-style maybe? Or something with a tighter pull? No Juuls. I will not vape 50 nicotine. I also need help choosing a top name brand e-liquid that has been vetted for safety. Thanks so much.
    PS- I don't smoke weed. I should, to calm my ridiculous panic attacks, but not interested in that right now. Just ecigs to help quit smoking.

  3. Cartels doing vape cartridges now? easier to smuggle? I bet..makes you wonder. I wouldnt buy any of these at this point its gotten so out of hand you can buy the dank vape or any of the copy cat boxes on ebay/amazon. That fact right there is enough for me to not even think about using these "black market" brands at all.

  4. My girlfriend ordered from 10 carts from http://www.dankvapescarts.com. Since I live in New Jersey we can’t get any legally so we used to buy shit overpriced on the streets. We decided to change shit up and ordered from there. We ordered it this morning and we still don’t have a shipping order or anything. I think we got fucked over and yes it’s our fault befor y’all cook my ass, we never ordered online before so I didn’t really know what we were doing

  5. Nice video and great info. People have no idea how many chemicals and other contaminants they have been smoking over the years. The best buds were probably the most contaminated. Bigger buds and higher yield meant more profits, which required fertilizer and pesticides. Now lab results have made people overly paranoid. It's good to be concerned and cautious but folks are taking it to the next level.

  6. My state is only medical we have for dispensaries and they only have 10 or less streams one type of oil one type of shatter one type of wax and it tastes like tree bark LOL even on Instagram trying to even purchase carts is damn near impossible people just don't respond but hell with them carts I'd rather just make my own wax and get a wax pen much stronger

  7. 💯 in my experience,I've been smoking on Dankvapes,CC,Exotics,and Sring field farms, everyone had been legit,n taste color,bubble test,and high,but I Kno there black market just like you mentioned how we used to buy Loud,oil,edibles etc out here on the east coast it's not legal, and just like everything on the black market there's risk of getting ripped,go through a reputable source and always know what your getting, good business is the best business. PS.all the Exotics I've had up to the one I'm smoking on now *Strawberry Cough , comes in iKusher cartridge's with gold tips that twist off. They do make me alittle nervous because I Kno they can be tampered with and I've heard others say they get ikusher cartridge's in other brands,tge Springfield's come in a non removable mouth piece and have pink doughnuts on the sides of each cartridge,all if tge rest cone with clear non removable mouth pieces, the Exotics are the only ones with iKusher gold twist mouth pieces. But again each one has been lovely taste and high wise. Is this everyone else experience also?thanks for the input and thanks for the video because I've seen alot of judging going on when it comes to this subject.

  8. Did Phatcloudz delete Instagram? Cant find it or any other pages. Im stroking this strawberry banana goo z stick n the terps taste a bit funny but its smooth n the high is nice. Its a ikrusher tank. That how they come?

  9. Im in an illegal state but they are definelty real cuz im getting high asf. I juat wanna know their source of bulk cuz i know im getting ripped off hard money wize

  10. As I mentioned in the video, there are some good black market companies that will have clean & potent wax. Some will provide lab results & some won’t. Most will not come in child proof packaging and most will not be in a legit dispensary because of certain laws/regulations. Watch out for the bad black market companies who only care about a quick buck and will give you dirty wax that’s not clean. Those are the people who are giving the Cannabis industry a bad look and need to get out right away. The black market was here before any state became legal and it will be here for a while. I ONLY support the black market companies that provide clean Cannabis products. There are good companies out there with good intentions & good business ethics. If there’s anything I forgot to mention about the black market carts or black market in general then leave a comment down below. This video was intended to educate those who may not have an idea of how everything works on the black market. No matter what black market company you choose to support, just be careful unless they provide LEGIT lab results.

    Remember Stay High💨 & Stay Humble🙏🏾💯

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