1. I have horrible anxiety from Delta 9 thc and I'm just posting this for anyone that's the same but wants to try Delta 8. Go for it! But use caution like Taz said. I literally only had to take a few small pulls and I was good.

  2. Delta 9 thc will always put me to sleep in like 30 minutes. It affects my sleep and occasionally can make me paranoid. Delta 8 is a game changer. I love the stuff! Takes my anxiety right out but I can still operate and handle important task.

  3. I never had a problem with THC because I like Indica’s but delta eight gives me anxiety so would you suggest delta eight with CBD because I’m like a more Indica person than a sativa I don’t like uppers I like downers it for me it’s a 7030 ratio and 70% Indica and 30% sativa just asking thanks.

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