1. Miggy420, you nailed it. These idiots weren’t representing cannabis legalization by lighting up in the Capitol. They trespassed on Capitol grounds that weren’t closed and off limits due to Covid-19. They broke into, trashed, stole things, attacked cops/ security guards (although it also seems like some of the Capitol police were in on it… taking selfies with the traitorous rioters) and we dont know how many foreign agents (Russian, Chinese, Turkish, Saudi Arabian) were amongst the rioters and what did those people steal or what classified things did they see/ take pics of. Our national security was exposed to the rioters. They seemed to know where Pelosi’s office was as well as offices of other politicians. The thing is that the Capitol complex isn’t laid out ion a grid. The hallways are labyrinths/ mazes. As a kid I went to D.C. on a field trip and we went to the Capitol and got to meet some California House members and finding those offices was incredibly hard… So they must have had inside help. Anyway, I’m rambling… Lastly when I saw those clips of people talking about smoking grass (and smoking grass) in the Capitol I reacted by thinking there’s another black eye on cannabis. Throughout the process of legalization every time I see anything negative relating to grass I keep think I’m going to see or hear those thing again when a prude politician wants to try and ban grass again. No one will blame cigarettes if a rioter was seen smoking a cigarette. But there are grass Prohibitionists who jump at any chance to attack cannabis.. and those rioting idiots (along with doing much worse things) stained the good, green name of cannabis. Stay safe & High Miggy420. ✌🏽

  2. Are the other mobs of 2020 who burned cities, tore down statues, looted, pillaged, vandalized and destroyed in the name of other causes just “rioters trespassing”?

    Just wondering.

  3. Man the cannabis plant originally got made illegal as of the forestry commission originally,because they realised that you can grow an amount of plants and make paper,wood,materials,medication,and of alcohol that they could tax and make alot of money from rather than peoples own plants they can't tax etc,in all of time no one has ever died of cannabis.how many people die each year from alcohol its effects and let alone the arrests and billions spent over the years because of it..you don't have a smoke and then feel like causing fights,no the only fight you'll get into is the one trying to open a bag of chips

  4. So I’m super new to getting into politics (due to your and Toms episodes) so I thank you guys for that. I just never had a reason to care. Just a “quick” question for y’all. Besides trying to get the politicians to go on record supporting marijuana what else can I be doing (specifically in PA). Y’all’s episode with Daylin Leach made me aware of SB 350 so I’m fired up right now to help, I just don’t know effectively what I can do. Thank y’all and God Bless!

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