1. They make magnesium flakes for bathing and diluting to be used in sprays on our skin. Just curious IF pure magnesium deluted of course would be harmful? I have a cheese plant that's got a few weeks left now and have been looking into techniques & tips for the last few weeks , still pre flush (just) with about 3 weeks left now

  2. I learned when I was a little kid if you wanted to screw up stuff growing you salt the ground. Funny how to. Homer Simpson did this over 20 years ago to Ned Flanders when he grew prize roses… maybe I think anyway been a while Seems like he later said to Homer "I get that you took my flower but did you have to salt the ground so that nothing would ever grow again."

  3. Hey guys so my local grow store in Roseburg Oregon does not carry recharged, actually nobody in our area does and there are two or three different grow stores. I talked to the owner of my favorite one and he really is interested in carrying recharge can we hook something up?

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