1. I had to chicken out of putting my clones out into the fierce sun because we got a heatwave of over 100 degrees the other day. So I squeezed them in under some LED bulbs in smaller pots than I would prefer them to be in. I still want to put some of them outside to see if the sun's UV can produce a better end product. I just worry too much over my babies.

  2. That is the way to do it..i never water my plants with fertilizers i just top dress the soil with mix of compost and worm castings..as you prune your plants you can make the cake up and up the stalk and they will make more and more roots all the way up to the much…good luck ✌

  3. I have heard that for soil recycling purposes it is best to avoid perlite as it will degrade and build up mud hindering the airation. It will happen over some years so it is only a long term issue. If possible use organic things as rice-hulls instead of perlite. But I myself am also using pre-mix soil with perlite recycled for about 2 years now with the perlite still intact.

  4. Lol i learned it the hard way. Make sure to leave the clones out in the shade for a week or so to harden up. I put them straight out in direct sunlight in summer it was like 90+ degrees that day. Came out to check it out in 2 hours and F××× my girls was shriveled and burnt crisp. Took like 2 to 3 weeks to get them looking perdy again.

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