1. understand what type of red light the plant gets determines what type of growth it will follow. if it is a shadow of red light the plant will just keep getting taller and never foliate. if it is direct red light it will foliate. this is how a plant knows how tall to grow so it can make a foliage that gets direct light. now switching to blue the obvious one…. and then orange. and yellow. that come day and night. this light directs the planton how many crops to make and how far apart to make them. going into other lights changes flavor and scent intensity. such as if u add UV light to the grow ( beware uv light is cancerous to man _ ) it wil cause the plant to bleed given in short periods. long periods kil the plant. the bleeding makes the scent very strong and the plant will also produce alot more because it was bled out. and the surface of the plant will be very sticky. this all can be so much better then what u have here sir,. sorry u grew a nice room of weed from the ebay light magazine i know. it doesnt mean you know physics of plant growth so please step down off the studio and learn it first

  2. do not listen to this man he is only half correct. you cannot use TO MUCH light.. you can only COOK your plants from the heat of the bulb. the kinda bulb he is using his information is accurate about. but it is just 1 option in the millions of ways u can improve it. ~~~~~ a really good grow would befueld by led side lights to take off shadows AND MAINLY increase the intensity of light without cooking the room… and a massive main light like what u have. and yes you will absolutely get tighter heartier fruit with more light. no matter if you already are getting dense weed. more light = better. its a solid fact the heat is the issue not the wavelengths of light. the plant loves that as a growing fuel. more light = faster photo periods.
    heat = death. if u can keep the plant at 75 degrees and have 7000. thats rite 3.5 times what the sun light is. then you will see your planbt grow the fastest it can possibly grow in physical life. and yhour main grow concern becomes it gorwing so fast you cant keep up with it unless ur there twice a day at least… because the first issue in nature a plant has is the heat from the son… not how bryte the light is
    and its NOT directly related. it can VARIE BIG> prooven by led. and what type of light that is there is important. you cannot just make any bryte light ofcourse. u need the wavelengths of photosynthesis. and a variety of it helps the plants cap raise. aka if ur at 2k yuou might as well only use red and blue. but if your working with 5 + u want a little bit of orange yellow white and as many photo types that work to be present. green would be the last color u ad and it would only stabalize growth it would not speed it up

  3. you can never have to much light. you can cook your plants with the heat from it. but the light wavelengths themselfs… put it this way. the sun gives off 2,000 on a bryte summber day. a marijuana plants curve caps at 7,000. so you could have 2 more suns in the sky .. as long as they were some how not cooking the earth.. the light alone from it would be loved.
    light and heat are not directly related only in the correlation of its master source. aka if u wanted 3 suns in the sky that made the same light u would have to have something more LED like version of the son to not kill us. but then our farming would be icredibly rewarding

  4. Hi, I've got a Mars Hydro 2000W in a 3×3. I have 80 000 lux at top of buds. I git loooots of foxtail at top, bud middle of plant where there is very low light ( about 10000 lux ) buds are nice. Could it be that tis light is too bright? Thanks

  5. There bigger on the end cuz there try to reach the light… there going to to stretch more to reach light the one in the middle dont need to get that big cuz the light right on them so they have bigger buds the dont need to waste energy to go an Stretch out to reach the light…

  6. I asked this of about a dozen knowledgeable people, 1 said you can get too much light and tried to sell me equipment, the other 11 asked about my environment and feeding schedule and recipy. There is no ,"too much" or "not enough" with out parameters. I'd bet if you could pull it off with out salting the medium you could get to a temp,ppm, feed point where you can not give them enough light. But I imagine that environment is impossible to manage.
    More science and measurements, less opinion.

  7. This dude is a scam artist. Don't buy his BS stay away from this Howard stern wanna be. He has know idea what he is talking about. His plants look sick when he shows them from the bottom. They aren't getting enough light. Go to nukeheads.com if you want to learn something. Tbn co2 is a joke

  8. I've seen plants 2 foot tall with bigger stalks they look awful stringy to me yeah of course the buds in the middle are getting too much light you've got it a foot off of the canopy and I have a thousand watt gavita in a 5 x 5 area and I keep it about 30 in from the top of the canopy and I consistently get two liter bottle size colas I don't think the problem is too much light maybe too much of the wrong spectrum of light

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