1. A lot of people leave comments about how this guy isn't doing it right. Where are their video responses on the correct way to do this. Thanks uploader for the time, effort, and opinion on what works best for you when cloning.

  2. @xxDarkxAngelxx65 If your plant is female then every clone that you take from it will also be female and have exactly the same genetics there fore giving you identical plants.

  3. I have a clone placed barely touching the water in my aerogarden hydroponc system I placed the stem through a grow plug. I used clone-x rooting gel cut at a 45 degree angle slightly and scored the stem . It has been 6 days, the plant seems to be doing ok but, i still do not see any roots yet. What is the proper depth to place the stem?

  4. why cut the leave's in half??
    I think that the cutting would try to repair the leave's that have been cut?? than help the cutting to grow it's roots?? have seen people cut parts off the leave's off before but imo it does not do it any good to cut the leaves in half………. maybe wrong but a have never done it that way always just cut them right off!!!
    happy growing

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