1. Thank you so much. My first attempt at cloning, so I'll give this a go. It's hard to find anything that will fit a jiffy plug as well as that little item you have! Happy Xmas and thank you for sharing.

  2. I took some clones and they lived in a some for almost 2 weeks but no roots is it because. I cut them short after cutting off the mother plant I had like 12 none had any roots

  3. I just start growing I need some pointers right now my you help please my plants are starting to pop up but I need some more pointers could you help me out. thanks so much my name is Q….

  4. New to growing and a new sub. I have been watching a lot and I mean, a lot of cannabis growing videos. Your love for the plants and the knowledge you have gained as a grower is a blessing to me. Keep up the great work. Your garden looks amazing.

  5. I assume you're using a promix based growing medium, if so ask miss beans if she has a sweet tooth? Promix contains mycorrhizal fungi, add unsulphured blackstrap molasses to your water. It will cause your root system to go crazy. Its an old trick……works well with tomato's!

  6. Taking a flowering clone then vegging it is called MONSTER CROPPING look it up on here and google, from one bud you could get 10,20,30,40,50 branches leading to that many colas 😉 its a new training technique ROYALQUEENSEEDS definitely have a post on it explaining details

  7. Main reason for failure is lack of energy to produce root , because of photosynthesis it is better to take clones closer to LIGHTS OFF then Light on, because photosynthesis uses light to turn co2 into sugars, those sugars build up in the leaves and its not till lights off that those sugars migrate from leaf to root,, if taking cutting at light on there is very little sugar(energy) in the leaf available to grow roots but near lights off there's definitely more then enough sugar in the leaf to not require additional sugars to grow roots, this i hope you can try on a video and confirm to get the word out, clones need darkness so the sugars stored in the leaves will migrate and force roots to sprout JUST 7 DAYS TILL GOOD ROOTS ARE VISIBLE and ready 😉 happy growing.

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