1. Hi. Thanks for the video. Do you know where i can buy a replacement bottom lid. The first element that you remove. I accidentally turn on my stove and it melted. No cable was damaged

  2. I own a 3 quart Duo Mini. The innards are similar but different enough from the 6 or 8 quart you disassembled that I'm leery of taking my unit apart. Any chance you could repeat this video using a 3 quart? Thanks!

  3. Thank you so much for these clear and straight forward instructions. My sweet husband found only an additional step which was to unscrew the yellow ground cable to be able to release the top plate. Everything else was the same. Thanks again☺

  4. Hi Bill – great video. My problem is that I was trying to make jam in my instant pot without realizing I forgot to attach the sealing ring. I noticed this as the jam was bubbling all over the place out of the pot. I followed your video to a tee but was unable to continue because one of the main screws would not "unscrew" no matter what I did. It appears that it is soldered in place. We took it to a home improvement store to see if anyone there could dislodge it with all their various screw drivers but to no avail. Is my wonderful (almost new) instant pot ruined forever?

  5. I didnt think i would find a video like this. I checked by chance. I forgot the inside was not inside the pot and threw some peas inside so that my daughter would know the amt to cook. Most of the peas went underneath.. Luckily i didnt add water😀😀..will work on it over the weekend..thnx a mill

  6. I dumped water in the pot thinking the liner was in it. I quickly unplugged it and dried it with a paper napkin and then with a dryer inside and under the pot. Then I tried to open it and removed the first screw, as you show, but since my rice cooker was not the same, there was no way to remove the bottom lid. If I don't use the rice cooker for 3 days so that it dries completely, can I use it again without any problems? As the wether is very hot it may not get to rust, what do you think?

  7. Hello 🙂 Fantastic demonstration, but I don't think I would be keen enough to remove the mechanisms to get to the element lol! I wondered whether it is possible to use a narrow strip of silver foil and gently place that around the element to protect the space beneath the plate inside the inner pot? Would that create short circuit issues? I don't mean to pack the foil underneath, but just lay it gently around the outer rim in the base to prevent food from collecting? Let us know won't you? Thanks so much in advance!

  8. If yours doesn’t have the two nuts holding the plate, you’ll have two large screws instead. One is under the circuit board. To get that off you have to undo the three screws holding the round plastic base (the stand), then the black case that holds the circuit board will unclip where two of the screws were.

  9. Thanks for such a detailed video. I had a sleep walking husband who decided to crack open a dozen eggs into my ultra IP when the inner pot was in the dish drying stand. I opened up the bottom and got the egg mostly out but now I have a constant smell of burnt scrambled eggs! 😫🤢 and get a "hot" message

  10. I just accidentally dropped a metal ladle into the pot because the handle was hot and the soup splashed all over the outer rim (and all over everything in my kitchen as well as my brand-new white T-shirt, but I digress). After taking the inner pot of soup out (with potholders, and fearing I was going to drop the whole lot) I looked at the heating element and there are some black spots around the edge and just the tiniest bit of oil that leaked down, but not touching the heating element 🙌 I think it's safe except the mess around the black edge, but after I let it cool I put it on the floor and let the dog take care of it as a wave of the white flag.

  11. INSTANT POT manufacturers absolutely should paint the interior a different color like red or yellow or print “STOP” visibly as a warning. Pouring liquid or food into the unit and not the silver pot is a very common mistake.

  12. Thank you so much! I put some dry beans in my exterior pot by accident and they went under the heating element. I was able to get them out easily by watching this video! I used a mini ratchet to get the small bolts off the underneath.

  13. Thanks for the video!

    So I was getting ready to make some nice black beans for dinner. I always do a quick high-temp soak first. I took out the insert, carried it over to the 1-pound bag of beans. Carefully opened the bag, then walked back to my instant pot and dumped them inside–without the insert.

    All the shaking and banging I did wouldn't get the last dozen beans out. It just rattled and rattled.

    I followed your video carefully and got the beans out and everything back together. I have some pretty small socket wrenches, (it's 7mm for the two nuts) so I didn't have to use vice grips.

    Thanks again!

  14. I dropped cinnamon oatmeal and cardamon in the pot thinking the liner was in it. I tried to do what this competent man suggested step by step but my pot is different than his on step 4 and 5. One of my screws dropped into the pot and I couldn't get it out. I didn't use magnetic crew driver. I tried to put all together again and use the pot. It seems to be working ok. Time will tell.  I thank him for the video. He seems super professional.

  15. I threw a tarp over my countertops and did some sanding on my cabinets because they have been painted 7 or 8 times since 1960 and you can tell there's hinges on there but you can't see the screws! As I've been scraping and peeling and sanding uptain layers of paint until I got to the original, leaded, 1960 paint! Didn't realize that my tarp had shifted a little and in the back corner my instant pot was exposed! Apple ID is covered in dust and bits of paint chips and crap! It's filthy! I know I cannot submerge the lid. can I lightly spray it with some 409 and clean it up with some paper towels and then lightly and quickly run it under some hot running water to rinse? It's not usable as dirty as it is now, of course. I can't imagine using a cloth or paper towel and getting it clean enough for my liking without running it under some water. I have some spray bottles that are like aerosol.are really cool they are about $10 a piece but worth it.I can put a very small amount of degreaser in a lot of hot water and one of those and missed it and clean it mostly if I can run it under some water and rinse it! I have a thing about finishing stuff off and running water LOL

  16. I want to thank you so very very very very much for letting me know you need to fill ups screwdriver to take the bottom off the instapot I made a mistake of pouring some militant there will my while my kitchen was dark in my actual pot was not in there and I was having a hell of a time getting it out finally use the leaf blower after I took the bottom out the blow the shit out so I still think it's a toroid or some sort of thing in there but apparently they think I got it open with the Philips Solis you motivated me to try to take the bottom off which I did being in I'm still concerned as to what type of screw it is I just tighten it in as much as I couldn't left enough so I can grab it with a pliers and open it up at some other time thank you so very much you are a lifesaver

  17. I found this helpful and made me want to see if I could do this. I know this is for like, dried bits of food or rice that falls down inside the heat plate. But this led me down the rabbit hole after I poured about 1 cup of coconut milk into the pot without the liner pot. I immediately flipped the pot over to drain but all that did was drain coconut milk into more areas of the guts where all the workings are. I have the ultra and it’s more complex and has more wires and instead of bolts to hold the heat plate it has three screws plus the little one that’s located in the white silicone tray thing. One of which is under the the circuit board, so that had to be removed as well as what I think is the temperature sensor. (Has the silicone white protector tray with the black wires connected in blue to the circuit board)
    I took phone photos and put the screws on sticky notes with a description. EVERYTHING (outer metal sleeve as well) had to be unscrewed and wiped down with q-tips, tooth picks, small pieces of paper towels and small cotton towels. There was coconut milk in between the screws, washers, brackets that hold the circuit board and the bottom of the circuit board. Luckily the circuit board did not have any coconut milk on it! And I did not attempt to take any wires off the circuit board except for the plugged in ones. But there was no way to access the screws for the heat plate without taking the circuit board AND the temp sensor thing. 3.5 hours later, all assembled, I tested with water on high sauté. Tiny amount of smoke wafted up from inside between the liner pot and the pot itself. Now to test the temperature settings to make sure I did not mess up that part. The control pad looked untouched by the coconut milk and it’s still working after the disassembly and reassembly. A replacement base for a Ultra 80 is $95 plus shipping/tax. I figured I might get lucky and save not having to replace it. I learned a lot about this instant pot. I paid for my stupidity. And next it will be to find out if I pay again if the cleanup of this instant pot still fails.

  18. I have a question. Tonight I accidentally poured water, lemon juice and olive oil into the outer pot with no liner inside. I put in my artichokes and after a few minutes, I noticed it said BURN on the readout. I have turned the unit upside down to try and drain all the water, however, I know olive oil is on the inside now. Your tutorial is about removing food. Do you think the unit will be safe to use in a few days? There is no way I can clean out all the olive oil.

  19. Thank you. I tried VERY FOOLISHLY to boil a small batch of whole shrimp in my IP. After days of cleaning, the stench from inside the base was unbearable. I took off the bottom casing and poured 1/4 c white vinegar and rolled it around to clear the inside walls. I poured vinegar in the base top and let in run through to do the same. I used a large paint brush to clean higher up the walls and under the base on the inside. It is drying now…and smells like white vinegar…which is VASTLY better than the shrimp. I will post after I try it out tomorrow.

  20. I'm pretty good at doing repairs, and followed your video with my IP Ultra after having a gallon of milk boil over into the bottom. I'm now getting a C6L error code after putting it all back together. The ultra is a little different than the one you worked on, a few more wires, but all else looks similar. any suggestions?

  21. Hi there, I have the IP-DUO80 model and do not see the two nuts at the bottom. Can you please explain how to remove the heating element on my model or post another video? I have a lot of dry rice stuck in the bottom (I let my boyfriend try to use it for the first time….lol). Please and thank you for any assistance!!!

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