1. Eh i don’t like how he explain it. There’s more ways on germinating seeds. if u do the way he’s showing you use a bag not a plate. A plate will make the paper towel dry out to fast. how I germ my plants is two ways. Planting the seed right into the soil and water. make sure it has light when it peeks it’s true leafs threw the soil and always make sure the soil is moist but not like a swamp. other way is the way he’s doing it but with a baggie

  2. Hello, my friend i put 8 seeds in first in a glass of water for 24
    hours, they all sank, then into paper towel method they have been in 4
    days now, 5 have sprouted and 3 have failed to pop, should i leave the
    3 that have failed for a few more days or do i bin them, all put in
    same bag same conditions i`m at a loss what to do

  3. Mostly helpful, though the graphics aren't that accurate where you put a pencil in the soil and virtually insert the whole pencil, so that the hole created almost goes to the bottom of the pot and then you place a bunch of seeds in on top of each other rather than one seed

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