1. I suggest maybe heating up the water and pan and them shutting the burner off and even moving the pan to another area before adding all that alcohol. It is very flammable! (Former biochemist)

  2. For any interested parties- We make a dosing/dispensing option for the oils once they are in the syringes/applicators. THe Dowling Doser works with syringed from 1ml up to 10 ml in size and allows you to have precise and repeatable doses for capsules or other means. 8^) https://www.dowlingdoser.com/

  3. Everclear is not cheap. However it is safe, but still flammable. It is quite expensive and can be saved if you use a water distiller to reclaim the ethanol. Works great and you will save 80% + of your alcohol.

  4. Basically good information. However video is now over 4 years old. There has been some huge advancements in the last 4 years. Dosing and strains are critical and it is necessary to know this information in order to treat different conditions including different types of cancer.

  5. pheonixtears.ca is Rick Simpson's official site for information on Rick Simpson Oil.
    caliproper.com offers RSO for california medical mmj card holders delivered overnight-2 days
    check out your local dispensary for quickest access to RSO
    make sure your RSO is not a brown color, that usually means it is cut with coconut oil
    hope that helps those who are interested

  6. this is a VERY DANGEROUS method of making oil. As Rick Simpson mentioned. One would THINK the "self proclaimed DR" would KNOW a LITTLE bit about chemistry! And LISTEN to "RICK SIMPSON" (the creator) that you are doing it WRONG and DANGEROUSLY!!!! You are LUCKY you havent started a fire in your kitchen….the vapor is HEAVIER than air and blows down and under your pan, right where your BURNER IS< WITH NO EXTERNAL FAN BLOWING IT AWAY FROM THE HEAT SOURCE and UP to your vent…….. WAY too much chatter for me. THUMBS DOWN! She's more into touting HERSELF (and her stupidity) and trying to be a sexy old lady. Really wasted my time.

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