1. Dude! 4Christs sakes man; wear a mask while doing that shit! Do that more than twice without a ventilation mask & you'll not be remembering grade 5 anymore!
    —it just starts to slip away,,,,Gone!—-
    A "FIGHT THE POWER" kind of guy myself, but I still think that "showing your face" on a vid like this possibly aint the smartest thing to do either. "Call me old fashon??"
    "Safe cooking"

  2. Nice tube , but a 600ml upside down with coffee filters works better , With with butane it takes a little while to completly evap , for a better selling product same method but isoprophyl after runnin it through let it evap on your window still takes a while but it turns out clear red , killer shit.
    plus id never waste weed on that in van we got kids who break into the dump at night and start slicing open garbage bags, you get hella shake that way and its free . BTW use more butane next time

  3. Do you know the potency of the oil.. vs the potency of the weed?

    If you do.. then I will agree with you..

    BUT if the potency of the oil is MUCH MUCH higher.. therfore the ability to smoke less, and get the same effects.

    I will disagree with you.

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