1. Also, if you cook beans in an Instant Pot, you cook out the lectins – See Dr. Gndry The Plaint Paradox. This is good to know if you suffer from Leaky GUy. That is the conditions where you must also not eat gluton products

  2. I didn’t know dry beans changed over time. Thanks for that tip. Several years ago, I bought a huge bag of pinto beans from Sam’s Club and just held on to them so I’d always have some pinto beans available. But it can be an all day cooker, in a slow cooker, if I want them tender.

  3. When you say to let the pressure release naturally does that mean after cook time is up you don't touch the pressure release valve at all? Thanks.

  4. Would I follow these same directions even if I'm using a different pressure cooker than you're using? I'm using an 8-quart aluminum pressure cooker by
    Philippe Richard

  5. Morning from Indiana .I have a question you said you put yours on pressure cook then set it on 25 minutes I have set mine like that and when done beans are still hard another ? how long does it take to reach pressure when starting ? Thank you

  6. I just tried to make great northern beans tonight and I used some salt… ugh…… they got a total of 45 minutes cook time, and still seemed a little hard…. next time no salt…

  7. Very good video!! I'm still nervous to buy one as I have seen some instant pot fails online and know one person who it did not work for… Maybe someday soon!! We eat A LOT of beans lol

  8. I just love my instant pot! If you normally cook on a gas stove like I do, …what an energy saver for sure!!!! Normally a large pot of beans takes a good 2 hours until properly soft to eat…..not with the instant pot!!!

  9. Before watching this video I was in the “not so excited” boat in regards to cooking beans in my instant pot but I really appreciate your enthusiasm! After watching I’m actually really looking forward to it and on to the next video search: “creative ways to use beans”! Thanks!

  10. I have cooked dried pinto beans for over 50 years, soaking them just makes them cook tender sooner, not soaking them just takes just a little bit longer, you test them by taking out a spoon full after an hour to check their tenderness, its not cooking liquid,its bean soup…beans taste better if they are cooked instead of simmer…I like the beans with soup and to add home made cornbread…..Ive never notice any difference in salting them before or after cooking them, If i wait til after- its because i forgot, I think cooking them with salt helps give them better flavor, but not too much salt, we use to use fat back(bacon fat) or lard, today everybody used cooking oil,I use olive oil, and Have never had a bad pot of beans,except when I forget to add water to the pot as it will evaporate as they cook..If you forget and (scorch them)(slightly burn)them just dump out the beans into another pot and wash the burnt pot and put the beans back into a clean pot with clean water and continue to cook and the burnt smell and taste is gone—from tennessee

  11. Very nice video! Well presented. Pressure cooked beans have so much more flavor in 1/3 the time! I like to make Mexican beans. Mine typically take longer to get tender, but again the flavor is worth it! Well done!

  12. You just saved me a trip to the store! This no-soak recipe let me use the dry Navy beans I had on hand in lieu of the canned beans I forgot to buy. BTW this recipe works equally well in my Ninja Foodi

  13. Great video with details along with the details in the description for the different beans and other information. Started looking for a stainless steel liner to start using the Power Pressure XL again for natto and yogurt. Am being reminded watching videos of why I invested in, in the first place. Makes meals easier in one pot batches and in a more reliable way if there are no operator errors. :-|) Thanks for sharing!

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