1. I never seen someone use wet paper towel on a coil before.. interesting.. when I clean my coils I'll take the cotton out they same way that you just did in your video, to clean my coils I use running hot tap water but not to hot, make sure it's not too much water gushing out of the tap getting your mod wet. Remember you just want the coils wet nothing else. Hit the fire button at a low Watts till your coils are glowing, let go of the fire button and then put your coils under the hot tap water. Just repeat this at least two or three times. Just remember not to fire the mod well your coils are under the tap water.. coils should come out like they just got made that day and they will look clean 10x better then using wet paper towel..

  2. (Almost) Dry cotton gets out much smoother and easier than wet one. Just heat it up for a few sec until you see it's not that saturated and pull it out, no need for cutting. For cleaning the coils I just heat them till they are red and put them under flowing water in the sink (just turn the MOD upside down, so it doesn't get into the mod – also I wouldn't do this on mech mods). You do this once or twice and all the gunk is gone. Heat them up after this to vaporize the water. Then finally when you wick the coils and want to saturate them, you can help this by heating the coils just a little, this makes the high VG juice thinner and the cotton/coils absorbs it faster. Good vid otherwise!

  3. This was one of the best re wicking tutorials I've seen ! I'm probably gonna start using RDAs instead of tanks cuz my spit back is unbelievable rn . That's the reason I dont vape anymore.

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