1. Oh Kristen this turned out so good!! I’m so happy I could cry… thank u for saving the day!! Didn’t know what I was going to make for dinner… your a lifesaver ❤️💕🙏🙏

  2. I have a larger family. On average per night we prepare 5 cups of rice. So if I were to modify this recipe, would I then use 5 cups of chicken stock to keep the 1:1 ratio. Also, would the pressure tile need to be modified from 3 minutes?

  3. When it comes to cooking there are no rules! Work with what you have to make tasty, nutritious food. Great looking jambalaya, and easy to make in the pressure cooker. Great family meal. Greetings from Toronto. New friend here, hope we can connect and keep in touch. Cheers.

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