1. I made the fast version of this and it turned out exactly as shown. It was barely tangy though. I’m going to try 12 or more hours next time. But thank you, you have a gift for teaching! Got to love thoroughly thought through instructions!

  2. Neat! I've read some use ice cube trays for the culture freezing method so they can use the cubes for later batches. I guess egg containers maybe can be used too? I ate all my natto containers… though still have some culture coming from Japan I think supposed to be here in November. Found some local Asian markets that have the natto ready to eat packages in the frozen section. Amazing how gross a lot of the ingredients are in yogurts now days. Really a lot of the products in stores are synthetic yuck (not like everything is bad though, synthetic). I guess like is said items not in the perimeter sections… the when reading ingredients outside produce… starts getting sketchier. Thanks for sharing!

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