1. Anything inhaled with burning smoke can stimulate brain. It's like hitting a horse with a whip. Horse runs faster in the begging but if you continue whipping your horse , it would collapse. Same with weed or any other addiction. Train yourself to discipline your thinking and you won't need any of those outside sources to stimulate your brain and you. Try to master your own thoughts. Then Happiness and sorrow will be under your own control.

  2. Why should someone who has never tried cannabis preach about cannabis. He has many great points in maximizing life without using substances. But has no right to tell people exactly what cannabis is like when he’s never experienced what it actually is like. He only thinks he is stoned but doesn’t know what being stoned really is. It’s like trying to instruct a class about a text by only looking at the cover.

  3. Smoking cigarate kills you
    Dont smoke cigarate
    You are addicted
    But take weed
    It is normal
    For example
    When people drunk
    alcohol they can do many many bad things
    They also not allowed
    to drive a car
    When you drinking
    You are not drinking to
    be addicted
    You drink to have a fun
    And marihuana
    It is really better than
    But at the same time i totally agree with that person and his studies
    Both alchocol and weed can damage human nervous system and damage human being
    But always remember
    If you wanna do drunk or weed
    Always do it properly in order not to hit your health
    I am agree with legalization of canabis

  4. Smoking canabis is okey when you do it normally (not being addicted)cocaine and other chemical substance is a damage for humanity .never forget that .all you are doing can hit or can help you whatever what (except narchotics)
    And thats why if you wanna take a weed
    Take it it is not problen due
    But do it properly

  5. Maybe you are right in critical cases ,or if some on3 is doing it occasionally you dont want that but if some one is addicted they use to do thier regular things like driving can work coz thay ve been working since years …. And smoking since year although motivating speech …. Insipiring to quit wee forever i came to know changes coz i quit and start in 5 yeara have quitted atleast 15-20 times each of atleast between 1 -3 months …

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