1. Hm let's see how this will turn out..ok..

    So many veggies in ..that's good i guess! 🙂

    Oops…Well, sorry that the taste in not that good..Next time you'll know about the cauliflower..And i am sure that you will find the magic recipe for enjoying some cannabis juice:)

  2. So happy the veggies didn't blink or do rabbit ears on each other. =) & Yes, it is sounding & looking very scary. =S LoL & No, the califlower & broccoli don't look very juicy do they. & OMG @ 11:30 .. that is freaking crazy & Yes Yes to what you said about it! I didn't even realize it had it in it & what is the purpose of it I wonder .. ok I will need to google that. Ok .. I gotta say I am a little scared for you .. 8:15 & 9:50.. tooo funny. Well , you gave it a go right. =S =)

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