1. Voted for legal weed and was told that the govt would make it affordable. I should know by now that govt's are ran by sociopathic liar$.
    Medical weed isn't even offered, yet it helps take the edge off my lifelong painful neuromuscular challenge. Let's get in the face of the govt and teach em empathy, because their greed needs to pointed out. Atheists dont get afterlives to make up for it later on, no matter what doug ford claims. Actually, doug's brother rob was busted for trying to hire a hitman to murder someone who eventually exposed his crack habit anyways, yet i know why doug was allowed to become a politician, because he was installed by the church mafia, and yesterday announced that he is planning on opening yet another elementary catholic separated from reality school in etobicoke, because corrupted govt's need to get at em young enough to enable bad politicians to keep getting elected that claim that war$ and pandemics and dying homeless from the elements and starvation produces afterlives. Did you know that it costs tax payers close to a 1.5 BILLION dollars for the toronto district of the catholic separated from reality school board where they program young impressionable minds to never listen nor talk to nor see very caring peaceful nonviolent atheists? That's what 2020 years of enabled racism exactly looks like, maybe you don't care about that, though maybe you do, or will.

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