1. I have asthma, and I recently got high (smoked weed) for the first time and it didn't seem to affect my asthma at all, but then again, I am new to this kinda stuff and my asthma has all ways been Mild-ish (not that bad). I think it's different for everybody.

  2. Ive had asthma my whole life, and weed does help. sure inhalers and all the pills I take help, but that stuff lasts for like an hour. when I smoke it helps my asthma for the next week. it helps 🍁💨✌

  3. I have had asthma all my life, and have been on and off the bongs for 15 years now. I find when I stop smoking weed, my asthma improves dramatically, and as soon as I take up smoking weed again the asthma pumps come back out and get used 3 times as much. Weed is not good for asthma.

  4. I have had chronic asthma (no pun indeed) all my life. Almost died of pneumonia & asthma when I was 1. As a kid I would frequently get sick due to chronic asthma. I started smoking cannabis recreationally at age 14, & to my surprise I was able to go to houses with pets, stay up later, exercise harder, & reduce attacks. After educating myself about this plant I knew weed helped. I discontinued my nebulizer inhaler & prescriptions. Today I am 20 and live in IL where they just passed mmj laws

  5. Don't take really big hits just take small precise no-choke hits and if u have a bong, fill it with ice and steaming hot water if ur using a pipe, make sure u have food and water so u can recover from the munchies cuz I have asthma too and I kinda freak out if hunger strikes while I'm tripping and coughing to death

  6. Wow i actually never knew marijuana could help asthma.I thought it worsen it.One of the reasons i'm kind of afraid of smoking marijuana is because of my asthma.But now i know.

  7. i was in psychological treatment for years and it didnt help me with my bipolarity. but i smoke weed for about 5 years now and i can say it helps me everyday to live.

  8. yes, i have asthma as well and smoking marijuana makes me cough and choke but once i've settled down my lungs are clear and open and breathing is easy. It's even given me better lung capacity. Here's an example: Before i started smoking marijuana i would try to pull a 300lb trash can up a steep hill (i have to for work once a day) and i would collapse because of my breathing half way up. Now i can do it no problem, i still breathe really heavy but at least i have the capability of doing it now

  9. Thunderbird is u don't have asthma an tried ta treat it wit weed. Cuz it helps den shut it all I know is day also pushed crack in people's face fa medicine so which is worse crack or weed cuz one u can o.d on da other ?

  10. @xmurk35 Thats how I experienced it. It makes me more calm so I breath calmer and deeper. But I am not a doctor, so I am not sure if smoking the cannabis is a good thing to do when you have astma, it might be better to use a vaporizer or eat it in a cake, but I don't have to cough then so the slimes don't go away unless you smoke it I think. I suggest after each inhalation of the smoke, you wait 5 minutes to see the effect. Just saying this because i don't know your age or weight :). Good luck!

  11. @xmurk35 That depends on different factors, like your age, your body weight, the way you smoke it, the kind of weed, … . So I suggest you go to a doctor if you live in california and ask him what you should do. I think you should defenitly not use tabboce when you try a joint. Just roll it pure. It will make you cough so you cough up your flumes. When you do this, you will be able to breath better and you wont have to use ventolin or duovent sort of thing that often. Atleast thats how I

  12. Where are the facts ?? lol cuz if this true im lucky as hell that its good for asthma because ive been smokin for like 3yrs and ive noticed my asthma isnt as bad anymore

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